LandVest Company, Inc. is now Land Information Services, LLC.

Our name change reflects a closer alignment with our mission: to provide Lease Record and Division Order outsourcing services, and deliver innovative solutions for daily challenges facing oil and gas Land administrators.
picture2Land Information Services specializes in land information and workflow solutions for the oil and gas producer.  Solutions may include data conversion and identifying post-conversion edit opportunities, a customized lease record, or mineral database, designing web-based workflows for well preparation, or document approval, or guiding the customer through data integrity exercises and developing a plan for data and process improvement.   Solutions thread together various data systems, utilizing .NET and GIS tools resulting in better ways to process information and deliver information to end-users.  The never-ending goal: streamline data capture, while simplifying information retrieval. Land Information Services also maintains a staff of Lease and DO Analysts to aid customers in data integrity projects and record input. Clients request this service as a solution to acquisition implementation, data infill, or outsourcing routine lease and division order work.


    • Procedures Review and Documentation
    • Systems Assessment
    • Functional Needs Assessment
    • System Sourcing and/or Development
    • System Implementation
    • Task Mapping and Synchronization
    • Review validity of seller's cash flow representations
    • Review validity of seller's net revenue interest representations
    • Review validity of seller's title
    • Review well payout status, reversionary interests, potential litigations, etc.
    • Gas Balancing (An increasingly more critical component of due diligence)
    • Transfer title and revenue
    • Notices and coordination with purchasers/vendors/operators
    • Prepare/Review Exhibits to Assignments
    • Prepare Agency Assignments
    • File Bonding Requirements for State and Agency Leases
    • Prepare Letters-in-Lieu
    • Distribute and Follow-up Letters-in-Lieu, Assignments
    • Prepare Formal Briefs of Agreements, Leases and Gas Contracts
    • Coordinate conversions of records
    • Supervise integration of manual records
    • Set up and maintain records
    • Generate Monthly Expiration Report
    • Generate Monthly Obligation Report
    • Distribute obligation payments and bill partners
    • Analyze shut-in obligations and monitor shut-in payments
    • Contract and lease record setup and maintenance
    • Litigation Support, Expert witness
    • Royalty and Joint Owner Relations
    • Division Orders