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Sr. Lease Analyst

Land Information Services, LLC specializes in land information and workflow solutions for the oil and gas producer. Solutions may include data conversion and identifying post-conversion edit opportunities, a customized lease record, or mineral database, designing web-based workflows for well preparation, or document approval, or guiding the customer through data integrity exercises and developing a plan for data and process improvement. Solutions thread together various data systems, utilizing .NET and GIS tools resulting in better ways to process information and deliver information to end-users. The never-ending goal: streamline data capture, while simplifying information retrieval. LIS also maintains a staff of Lease and DO Analysts to support a full Land back office or aid customers in data integrity projects and record input as needed. Clients request this service as a solution to acquisition implementation, data infill, or outsourcing routine lease and division order work.

Job Description:
  • Lease Analysis and Data Quality Control, including interpreting Oil & Gas Lease, Contracts, Mineral Deeds, Title Opinions, Proposals, Elections, OCC Poolings and Unitization Agreements
  • Lease Expiration and Obligation Management
  • Lease and Contract full set-up and maintenance including tract, depth, ownership, and provisioning in various databases
  • Well life-cycle management
  • Process & Procedure review, documentation and training
  • Broker Training
  • Prepare and/or QC a variety of weekly, monthly, and ad hoc lease record reports such as leased acreage and future expiration report
  • Special projects as outlined by client, coordinator and/or management
  • Division Order support as-needed
Skills & Knowledge
  • Understanding of the OCC & Application process associated with Pooling/Spacing’s
  • Basic understanding of WI/NRI calculations
  • Familiarity with Pangaea, Texas File, OK County Records and various state & regulatory websites
  • Basic understanding of oil/gas leases, joint operating agreements, surface use agreements
  • Knowledge of lease records, land contracts, division orders, etc.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel and ability to learn company specific software
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Willingness to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with others
  • Ability to productively multi-task and follow-up with ongoing projects
  • Extremely adaptable and flexible in their job responsibilities
  • 5+ Years of Land Administration and/or Minerals Management experience required. CPLTA preferred.
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