We approach each customer with a servant attitude.

Lease, Contract and Well Records

Full service, all-level Lease Records department providing routine maintenance and support or ad-hoc project assistance.

 Set up and maintain records
 Generate Monthly Expiration Report
 Generate Monthly Obligation Report
 Analyze shut-in obligations and monitor shut-in payments
 Litigation Support, Expert witness
 Reconcile Exhibits with Data and Documents

Division Orders and Owner Relations

Full service, all-level Division Orders department providing routine maintenance and support or ad-hoc project assistance.

 Set up and maintain ownership records
 Determine working interest and establish burden groups
 Resolve revenue and JIB discrepancies
 Distribute division orders and title requirements
 Manage owner relations using our CRM and owner relations website

Training, Business Process Re-design

We provide software and process training as well as helping re-design or create new procedures to promote efficiency and transparency across your organization.

 Procedures Review and Documentation
 Systems Assessment
 Functional Needs Assessment
 System Sourcing and/or Development
 System Implementation
 Task Mapping and Synchronization

Acquisition Due Diligence

We work alongside your broker to address consents, obligation compliance and identify at-risk leases.

 Identify Consents and Pref Rights
 Confirm compliance with Lease obligations – rentals and minimum royalties
 Review validity of seller’s net revenue interest representations
 Review well payout status, reversionary interests, potential litigations, etc
 Reconcile Exhibits with Data and Documents

Transaction Implementation

From assignment exhibit prep to regulatory filings, we help you close your latest transaction efficiently and effectively.

 Coordinate conversions of records and images – Leases, Contracts, BAs, Divisions of Interest
 Prepare/Review Exhibits to Assignments
 Prepare Agency Assignments
 File Bonding Requirements for State and Agency Leases
 Prepare Letters-in-Lieu
 Reconcile Exhibits with Data and Documents

Data and Document Conversions

Whether acquiring or divesting, we can execute the data conversion into or out of your systems and our LandVantage platform can even serve as your VDR during due diligence.

 Data/document conversion
 Document indexing
 Data cleansing
 Data integrity solutions