Training, Business Process Re-design

  • Procedures Review and Documentation
  • Systems Assessment
  • Functional Needs Assessment
  • System Sourcing and/or Development
  • System Implementation
  • Task Mapping and Synchronization

   Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Review validity of seller’s cash flow representations
  • Review validity of seller’s net revenue interest representations
  • Review validity of seller’s title
  • Review well payout status, reversionary interests, potentiallitigations, etc.
  • Gas Balancing (An increasingly more critical component of due diligence)


  • Transfer title and revenue
  • Notices and coordination with purchasers/vendors/operators
  • Prepare/Review Exhibits to Assignments
  • Prepare Agency Assignments
  • File Bonding Requirements for State and Agency Leases
  • Prepare Letters-in-Lieu
  • Distribute and Follow-up Letters-in-Lieu, Assignments
  • Prepare Formal Briefs of Agreements, Leases and Gas Contracts
  • Coordinate conversions of records
  • Supervise integration of manual records

   Lease and Contract Records

  • Set up and maintain records
  • Generate Monthly Expiration Report
  • Generate Monthly Obligation Report
  • Distribute obligation payments and bill partners
  • Analyze shut-in obligations and monitor shut-in payments
  • Contract and lease record setup and maintenance
  • Litigation Support, Expert witness
  • Royalty and Joint Owner Relations
  • Division Orders